PAT Testing: What is Electrical PAT Testing?



Basically, Electrical PAT testing is a most for anyone or organization that has high priority for Health and Safety! It’s the only way that you can prevent any potential harm that can occur from the use of electrical equipment.

First and foremost, let’s explain the meaning of PAT.

What is P.A.T. in Electrical terms?

PAT simply means Portable Appliance Testing; its mostly referred to as PAT Testing or Electrical PAT-Testing.

What does Electrical PAT Testing means?

The term PAT testing is used as an abbreviation of Portable Appliance Testing. It can also be known as electrical PAT testing, PAT testing or electrical testing.

Electrical PAT-Testing can be define as a process by which a routine check is been carried-out on your electrical appliances in other to ensure the appliances are safe to be use.


Why is Electrical PAT Testing really Necessary?

As explain above; Electrical PAT-Testing is necessary in any business organization; mainly to ensure that your business organization is compiling with the required Health and Safety laws.

Although, Electrical Pat Testing is not a most for residential purposes, but if in place; it can surely safe you from potential dangers that may occur due to faulty electrical appliances!


Who can perform Electrical PAT Testing?

With the industry standards and requirements; Electrical PAT-Testing (in all cases) should only be carried-out by qualified electricians only. And this is where NK Electrical Services Ltd comes in to help you!

Are you living in Luton and its surroundings? If Yes – we have good news for you!

NK Services is fully covering Luton and its surroundings for the best Electrical Pat Testing Services you can ever imagine!

Why use NK Services for Pat Testing Services in Luton?

We provide the best Electrical Pat testing Services in Luton!


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