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We are one of the best local electrician in Luton. When you call us, our team responds swiftly because we know that electrical emergencies need immediate attention.

Our doors and phone lines are open 24 hours a day and 7-days a week. We don’t sleep because we want YOU (our precious inhabitants of Luton) to get a good night’s rest. The locals in Luton trust our technicians, and we never delay the task on hand.

Expensive electricity bills can be a serious headache for homeowners and office owners. If the electricity bill is outrageous, we suggest you install energy-efficient lighting. Our team will show you the options and provide a free quote.

Energy-efficient lighting not only cuts down the unnecessary electricity bill but also protects the environment. Many people waste natural resources and energy. With energy-efficient lighting, you can take your first step towards saving the environment.

We are experts in installing LED lighting in your home. Besides, we would be happy to show you the trendy lighting options available for your home. LED lights look stunning, and they are brighter than traditional lights.

Allow us to show you the beautiful lighting designs. Once you choose the perfect lighting for your home, we will install it within a couple of hours. We don’t mind last-minute calls too!

Our list of services is endless. We consider ourselves ‘electricity’ experts. Plus, we light up your homes with ease.

If you own a home and want to get a safety check done, we can do that too!

At NK Electrical & Building Services, we provide a free quotation, free consultation and professional maintenance services for your home and business needs in Luton and its surroundings.

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No Hidden Charges

We are the only local electrician that don’t charge you any hidden charges. Call us with confidence.

Quick Response

We provide rapid responds to all your callouts. From installations, to fixing or replacing your units. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Payment after Completion

Why should you be paying for a service before getting it? We don’t believe this is right, and that is why you only pay us when your job is completed.

Please note: deposit for parts may be needed in advance in some instances.

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