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Electrical Fault Finding


Electrical faults are generally unpredictable. They can be quite minor faults or very dangerous. In some occasions, they could be of danger to your health or even life-threatening.

Our best advice has always been to put safety first. Take every precaution, get a qualified electrician to check the fault as soon as possible.

We know sometimes, you can get eager to fix the faults yourself. But to be honest, there are typically known technique of approaching electrical fault finding. And the common technique is known as the 5 Level electrical fault finding method.
The primary element in this process concerns getting just as much ‘information’ as possible about the ‘cause and effect’ of the fault, given below.

  1. Collect Details inquire as many persons as possible who were there, when and how the fault happened.
  2. Examined Data can determine the possible cause based on working experience training.
  3. Examine now try to discover the fault from your investigation.
  4. Fix once discovered, safely fix the fault.
  5. Check when the fault is repaired & restored; check your work before re-energizing.

It happens to be known that sometimes it is not that easy to acquire this information when you may be the single individual in place and nobody is there to explain what actually happened. However you have to proceed the additional half-mile to learn since it can make your work much easier.

For ease, NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is here to help. We provides professional Electrical fault finding services for both commercial and domestic properties in Luton and surrounding locations.

We still remain the best Electrical wiring and rewiring company in Luton and all surrounding areas.


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