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Electrical Installations - Full Wiring and Rewiring


NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is one of the leading Electrical wiring company in Luton and surrounding areas. We are your number one electrician for electrical installations services.

We offer fully specialised electrical services, and we ensure all our works conforms to all authorised and contractual necessities and conditions.

At NK Electrical Services, we understand the fact that poorly wired properties are harmful that can cause possible fire problems, so it is important to ensure that your current electrical installation is fitted and functioning properly.


Electrical Rewiring and Installations

An electrical rewire includes changing part or all of the wiring within a property, and is generally required for older properties or buildings going through renovations. We provide a full electrical rewiring service, catering to a host of residential clients.

Our dedicated staff of experts perform a complete examine of your current system and can advise you on any kind of corrective work that needs to be performed as a result.

The most typical signs of needing a residence rewire consist of flickering lights, burnt looking sockets, tripping electrical circuits or partial loss of electrical power.

If you are suffering from these kinds of signs and would like an expert advice on the place of your present electrical installation, contact the experts at NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd.


Electrical Lighting Installations

At NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd, our devoted staffs are dedicated to providing excellent and good quality service to our clients. Also, our area of expertise does cover designing, setting up and maintenance of lighting systems.

No matter what your requirements are (even if it’s one light repairs or a complete lighting installation); be rest assured that we have you covered!

NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is a company you can count on anytime – with the industry leading expertise and technical skills of our highly trained professional electricians; you will only get the best from us.

Our Job Experience

We have worked with numerous and diverse customers (both in public and private sectors) and which included providing a number of electrical lighting services.

Our lighting installation & repair services include:

  • Residential lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Emergency lighting

As earlier mentioned; no matter what your requirements are – from replacement light installation, to expert examination of the quality of your present lighting system. Be rests assured; NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is your best expert hands to call for the job today.

We can schedule an appointment at your ease and provide a zero cost survey and consultation services.

Security Lighting

You may find three different types of security lighting available:

Manually switched systems that communicate on their own; you simply switch the lights on and off as you desire.

Dusk to dawn sensors consist of a photocell that manages the light levels. Some street lights do use this technology; but the trouble with such is that, the light is more likely to be on longer than the required time. And which will surely increase your electricity bill despite the fact that it’s not in use.

Passive Infrared (PIR): this lighting system do provides the ideal of both worlds. You don’t have to manually switch them on and off, because they consist of their particular dusk to dawn sensor.

It switches on the PIR when the light level drops, but the PIR will not switch on the light until it is triggered by heat and motion, i.e. from any moving objects (such as human, animal or automobile).

With the PIR system, you would not need to worry about switching the light off or on! Most importantly, it will surely reduce your bills on electricity.

Also, PIRs do provides some level of security alerts in a case of break-in; basically the fact that it automatically turns on lights when movement is sensed, can be a deterring factors to burglars.

Types of PIR Lights

PIR lights are available in many different types, from floodlights to ornamental fittings.

Garden Lighting - Electrical Installations

Lighting can significantly bring your garden to life – for those sunny season Barbecues or long winter nights. For security, you may just need the peacefulness that extra lighting gives.

There are three kinds of lighting:


These are basically photocells that save the sun’s energy throughout the day and discharge it in the form of light at night. There is absolutely no wiring, simply place them where you want. The issues with this type of lighting are that they are not very bright and they usually go flat halfway through the evening!

Low Voltage

Low voltage lighting is another simple to set up the system. It works by connecting in a transformer to a mains socket, which transforms 230 volts to 12 volts. The lights are then spread along a certain length of wire. The issues with this type of lighting are that the transformer needs to be sheltered from the weather (they must be inside, or in a weatherproof box) and the wire cannot be extended, as this would suffer volt drop that may cause the lighting to dim; but, the effects on varieties of coloured LED lighting can be very fantastic in using as a mood lighting.

Mains voltage lighting

This really is definitely the ideal system, as you can add more lights (within reason) without experiencing voltage drop or dimming of lights. However, like most things – the greatest is not at all times the most affordable! If you install mains voltage in your garden you have to prevent the circuit with an RCD and the wire must be mechanically shielded (i.e. armoured cable) so that garden tools cannot slice the wire. There is also a larger range of mains lights to select from.

Once you have mains power to the garden, you may also add weatherproof buttons and sockets for water features and barbeques, Christmas lights, etc.

On the right, you can see an Infra-red heater, used to warm and comfy your guests. It functions in the same manner that the sun’s rays warm you, and it’s not as heavy as the popular gas patio heaters you see in the DIY shops.


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