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As a leading electrician in Luton, NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd specializes in offering high-quality electrical installations and rewiring services in Luton and the surrounding areas. We ensure that all our work complies with the required standards and contractual obligations.

Recognizing the dangers of poorly wired properties, such as potential fire hazards, we emphasize the importance of having your current electrical installation properly fitted and functioning.

Electrical Rewiring and Installations

An electrical rewire involves replacing part or all of the wiring within a property, typically required for older buildings or those undergoing renovations. We provide comprehensive electrical rewiring services catering to various residential clients.

Our team of dedicated professionals conducts a thorough assessment of your current system, advising on any necessary corrective work. Common indicators of requiring a residential rewire include; flickering lights, burnt-looking sockets, tripping electrical circuits, or partial power loss.

If you experience these symptoms and need expert advice on your existing electrical installation, contact the specialists at NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd.

Electrical Lighting Installations

Our devoted staff at NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is committed to delivering exceptional service and quality in designing, installing, and maintaining lighting systems. Whether you require a single light repair or a complete lighting installation, we have you covered.

With the industry-leading expertise and technical skills of our highly trained professional electricians, you can rely on us for the best service.

Our Job Experience

We have worked with diverse clients in both the public and private sectors, providing various electrical lighting services. Our lighting installation and repair services include:

  • Residential lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Emergency lighting.

No matter your requirements – from replacement light installation to an expert evaluation of your current lighting system – rest assured that NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is the best choice for the job.

We offer convenient appointment scheduling and provide complimentary surveys and consultation services.

Security Lighting

There are three main types of security lighting available:

  • Manually switched systems operate independently, allowing you to turn the lights on and off as desired.
  • Dusk-to-dawn sensors use a photocell to control light levels, often found in street lights. However, these systems can lead to increased electricity bills due to extended light usage.
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) lighting systems offer the best of both worlds, featuring built-in dusk-to-dawn sensors. The PIR only activates the light when triggered by heat and motion, saving energy and reducing electricity bills. PIRs also provide some level of security by deterring burglars with sudden illumination.

PIR lights come in various styles, from floodlights to decorative fixtures.

Garden Lighting - Electrical Installations

Garden lighting can enhance your outdoor space during warm summer barbecues or chilly winter nights while providing additional security. There are three main types of garden lighting:

  • Solar-powered lights use photocells to store solar energy during the day and release it as light at night. Although they require no wiring, these lights are dim and may not last the entire evening.
  • Low-voltage lighting systems connect to a transformer that converts 230 volts to 12 volts. These lights require weatherproofing for the transformer and have limitations on wire length. However, they can create stunning mood lighting with various coloured LEDs.
  • Mains voltage lighting is the most reliable and versatile option, allowing for additional lights without voltage drops or dimming. This system requires an RCD and mechanically protected wiring to ensure safety. A wide range of mains lights is available to suit different preferences.

Once you have mains power in your garden, you can also install weatherproof switches and sockets for water features, barbecues, Christmas lights, and more.
For a cosy outdoor experience, consider an infrared heater to keep your guests warm and comfortable. These heaters work similarly to the sun’s rays, providing warmth without the bulkiness of traditional gas patio heaters found in DIY stores.

So, NK Electrical & Building Services Ltd is your top choice for an electrician in Luton, offering a wide range of electrical services tailored to your needs. From electrical installations and rewiring to lighting solutions and garden enhancements, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of our free survey and consultation services.

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